About Us

The Film-friendly Hardanger

The team behind this catalogue would like to show Norwegian and foreign film makers our region which offers a great variation of beautiful and exotic sights that are well suited as locations for all types of films.

Film Production as an Industry

We view film production as an exiciting and interesting industry that brings with it positive effects for other commercial activity, not only during production itself, but also in the future potential that films have to profile the region as a toursit destination and as an area where people are tempted to move and settle.

Profiling Diversity in Industry, Culture and Nature

We are convinced that the diversity we have to offer within nature, culture and industry are ideal conditions for film productions that have found their way to our region to receive all of the support and goodwill needed for their success. We also believe that in this diversity lies an abundance of exciting tales, both historical and from the times we now live in. Tales that could only come from this place. We believe that from this distinct saga, the universal can take root and spring forth.

Local Ownership of the Catalogue

The idea behind the catalogue came from the belief that the people in the region are those that know their hometown best, and who are the best candidates for recommending places that would be interesting locations for all types of film themes. In this way, we are able to present places beyond those known just from tourist brochures or that can be seen from a car, boat or plane. Behind nearly every hill and around each corner there lie landscapes, houses and surroundings that only the locals know. This just might be where the next exciting filming location has been hiding.

In order to represent this variety, the catalogue is being compiled using photos and videos of places that people in the area send in as their own suggestions. This is how we are promoting local ownership of the catalogue, and this is how we are setting out to create a film-friendly Hardanger.


Work on the catalogue was supported by the Hardanger Council, which is a co-ordinating body for the municipalities in the region. Odda Municipality has also helped make it possible to prepare the catalogue through the Norwegian Cultural Fund and through the Vekst- og strategifondet (growth and strategy fund).