Films that were shot in Hardanger or that have scenes which were shot here:



Internet TV

  • Hard Anger. Dagbladet.
  • "Ragnarok", Danish fiction series for Netflix. SAM Productions. Shot different places in Odda 2019. Released February 2020.



Videos released online


Digvalley - Freckle (Official Music Video) by Eirik Bøen Gravdal:

Road to Trolltunga:

West Norway main road -RV13 – E134- Låtefoss-Haukeli:

Blasting on Tveitanuten:

Demolition at the Odda Smelting Plant, Arvid Aga:

Odda on Sunday:

Knowledge Park in Odda:

The Norwegian Zinc Company, Odda 1953:

Trolltunga via Himmelstigen in Odda:

Via Ferrata to Trolltunga, July 2013:

Hike to Trolltunga, Norway in HD:

The Cableway, Odda Smelting Plant:

Mågelibanen Funicular Railway/Trolltunga in Odda, Norway:

West Norway main road -RV13 – E134- Låtefoss-Haukeli:

Røldal Freeride Challenge 2013 – The Movie

Røldal – The deepest snow in Europe:

Norway 2011, Around Odda and Røldal (Låtefoss, among other locations):

The zipline Trolltunga Zippen:

Hike to Trolltunga, Norway in HD:

Tyssstrengene Falls, Arvid Aga:

Blacksmith Festival at Odda Forge 2011, by Dag Endre Opedal:

The Troll's Tongue:

Isklar presents: Tyssedalskoret - Zadok the priest



West Norway main road – RV7 – Granvin – Whatnndal:

Haymaking season in Granvin:

Granvin/Lake Krokavatnet:

Granvin 26 Dec.:

Hello! Please also check out my video at Tag "Granvin":

Granvin Ski Slopes, Haugseåsen:


Restoration of the Pilgrim Road, by Arvid Aga:

The Pilgrim Road - Brief Account. Arvid Aga:

61 degrees north, new colour (61grader nord ny farge), by Arvid Aga:

Whatnndal-Utne-Kinsarvik Ferry Connection 2012:

Fjord boats:

The Fjord Cowboys:

Dagbladet - Hard Anger:

Utne Hotel:

Trail ride in Utne:

Lofthus (paragliding):

Lofthus, Norway 2005:

Waterfalls at Fossasti Kinsarvik, Norway:

Kinso, Husadalen - Edvard Grieg in the Hall of the Mountain King (photos with music):

Cherry Blossoms in Bleie, Sørfjord, Hardanger, Norway:

Hardanger Fjord from Ullensvang:

Midsummer's Eve in Utne. Arvid Aga:

Isklar presents Buførevegen:

Isklar presents Water:


Flying around in the mist – Eidfjord:

Eidfjord.avi (photos with music):

Norseman – The Race (trailer):

Greet & neet in Eidfjord:

The Hardanger Bridge:

Hardangerbrua/The Hardanger Bridge (photos with music):

The Hardanger Bridge 7 July (filming from helicopter, bridge tension rods, tunnel entrances):

FlatEarth Adventures Eidfjord Norway – (Extreme) Outdoor Sports:

Norway from Bergen to Eidfjord: Vøringsfossen:

Norway - The Hardangerfjord (including Vøringsfossen, Eidfjord, ferry, Ålvik, Fykse):

Opening of the Hardanger Bridge:

Ice climbers in Eidfjord, NRK (slideshow):




Test driving Tysso:

Hardanger Maritime Centre:

Dramatic Hardanger Fjord road RV7 – Fjord Norway:


SS Stord I – Trip from Norheimsund to Bergen, May 2012:

Hardanger Fjord from Strandebarm:

FV49 – Tørvikbygd – Strandebarm:

Great motorcycle ride – Hardanger tourist road RV7

(Norheimsund - Whatnndal):

Strandebarm – winter roads:

Strandebarm – Strandebarm Sportell:

Øystese, Hardanger:

Ålvik, Hardanger:

The Tram in Ålvik, Hardanger:

Ålvik (photos with music):


Ulvik in Norway, winter 2012 (photos with music):

Ulvik Hordaland Norway (photos with funky music):

Ulvik Cruise Destination Hardangerfjord (song and cider):

FJORDS Norway – Views from Hardanger:


Jondal Glacier (Norway) downhill car drive:

Tørrvikbygd-Jondal ferry connection:

Late-summer day in Jondal:

Autumn colours along the Poestien Path (Jondal 24/9/12):

Cruise Destination Hardangerfjord – Jondal:

Epletango (Apple Tango) 2007 – Herand, Hardanger:

Sash saw, Herand:

Beautiful Hardangerfjord:

Roundtrip Sørfjord Hardanger Odda Jondal Utne (and Kvinnherad):