Moelven Granvin Farm

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60.51703812016229, 6.697540283203125
What: Moelven Granvin Bruk AS
Where: Granvin, Granvin Municipality
Get there: The quayside in Granvin
Contact person

Moelven Granvin Bruk AS 56 52 44 00

Electrical hook-up Yes (depending on the lookout point)
Sanitary facility Yes (depending on the lookout point)
Closest petrol station


Closest hotel

Jaunsen Guest House, Granvin,

Brakanes Hotel, Ulvik, approx. 20 km via Espelandsdalen, approx. 24 km via the Vallavik Tunnel

Closest airport Bergen Airport, Flesland, approx. 1 hour 50 min
Næraste fly/helikopterbase Airlift AS, Husedalen, Kinsarvik. Phone: +47 53 66 64 40