Cows in a home pasture, Øystese

  • Momyrane, Øystese. © Anne Gullbjørg Digranes

    Momyrane, Øystese. © Anne Gullbjørg Digranes

  • PAN over Momyrane, Øystese © Anne Gullbjørg Digranes

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60.386250890082444, 6.190963268018095
What: Cows in a home pasture
Where: Momyrane, Øystese, Whatm Municipality
Get there: 2 km from Øystese City Centre
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Electrical hook-up
Sanitary facility
Closest petrol station Øystese City Centre
Closest hotel Hardangerfjord Hotel, Øystese.
Closest airport Bergen Airport, Flesland, 1 hour 25 min
Closest heliport Airlift AS, Husedalen, Kinsarvik. Phone: +47 53 66 64 40