• Herand. View to Herandsholmen.  © Arne Hesjedal

    Herand. View to Herandsholmen. © Arne Hesjedal

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60.35513225538564, 6.400136947631836
What: Herand. View to Herandsholmen
Where: Herand, Ullensvang Municipality
Get there: 22 km from Utne, 16 km from Jondal
Contact person www.ullensvang.kommune.no
Electrical hook-up  
Sanitary facility  
Closest petrol station Jondal, 16 km
Closest hotel

Hotel Jondal / Guest House AS, 16 km http://www.jondalhotel.no/

Utne Hotel, Utne, 22 km http://utnehotel.no/

Closest airport Haugesund Airport, 1 hour 50 min
Bergen Airport, Flesland, 2 hours 50 min
Closest heliport Airlift AS, Husedalen, Kinsarvik. Phone: +47 53 66 64 40